The highlight of the 1910s was the 1915 Panama Pacific International Exposition. It was the crown jewel of a decade of rebuilding and signalled to the world that San Francisco was back.

The 1910s in San Francisco

The 1910s saw San Francisco rebuilding following the 1906 earthquake, culminating in the 1915 Panama Pacific Exposition, a focal point of civic pride.

Julia Morgan, H. C. Baumann, and Fernando Nelson were active during this decade.

More 1910s buildings

133-137 Montgomery Street 133-137 Montgomery Street 1919
California Pacific Building 105 Montgomery Street

Reid Brothers

246 Front Street 246 Front Street 1913
D. DeBernardi and Co. Warehouse 251 Front Street

Righetti and Headman

222 Front Street 222 Front Street

Smith O'Brien

37 Drumm Street 37 Drumm Street 1912
17 Drumm Street 17 Drumm Street 1912
25-29 Drumm Street 25-29 Drumm Street 1912
33 Drumm Street 33 Drumm Street 1912
Pacific Gas & Electric Co., Station J 569 Commercial Street

Frederick H. Meyer