Gilsey Hotel

Address: 1200 Broadway, New York, NY
Built By: 

Stephen D. Hatch

Year Built: 
1869 to 1871

About the Building

The Gilsey building was designed as a Second Empire hotel. It has arched windows and pavilions formed by the columns above each entrance.

The mansard roof is a common feature of Second Empire buildings. The Gilsey's mansard encompasses three stories.

The Gilsey has a cast-iron facade created by Daniel Badger, an important proponent of cast iron who worked on many buildings in New York and abroad.


The Gilsey Hotel - also known as the Gilsey House - was built for Peter Gilsey, a businessman who became a New York City alderman.

The building deteriorated significantly in the early 1900s following a lease dispute.

In 1980, it was converted into co-op apartments.


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